An average urban consumer is exposed to about 115 chemicals from cosmetics and personal care products alone in a day! Growing evidences show that some of the chemicals used in these products can cause or be a potential health risk leading to allergies, endocrine disruption, cancer, developmental toxicity and genetic diseases.
Safety Monitor Research Foundation (SMRF) empowers consumers to make smart choices by providing product safety ratings.

SMRF VERIFIED is India’s first seal for identifying products that use safe ingredients in cosmetics, personal care and feminine hygiene products. SMRF verified seal empowers brands/manufacturers to showcase their product safety, ingredients safety and product transparency. SMRF verified seal is awarded to baby care, skincare, personal care and feminine hygiene care products.

SMRF also works with companies that aims to develop safe products. SMRF conducts:

- Custom research for industries to choose genuine raw materials, process and develop safe product formulations for baby care, skin care, cosmetics and feminine hygiene care.
- SMRF experts can help manufacturers, study or assess their product life cycle analysis.
- Manufacturers/brands can consult to verify the safety profile of their baby care, skin care, cosmetics and feminine hygiene care product formulations.
- We write customised review on products that meets SMRF’s “SMRF verified “strict safety standard criteria.

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