SMRF – Inspiring change, Championing Safety and Sustainability

Safety Monitor Research Foundation (SMRF) is a not-for-profit organization that champions the cause of chemical safety in cosmetic and personal care products. Lifestyle changes of Indian consumers calls for cosmetic products to be advanced and specialized and not merely functional. Personal care products whether synthetic, herbal, natural, ayurvedic or organic is a cocktail of ingredients. Each ingredient has a unique function in the product. Growing evidences show that some of the ingredients used in these products can cause or be a potential health risk leading to allergies, endocrine disruption, cancer, developmental toxicity and genetic diseases. With Indian and International players growing significantly in the cosmetic industry, we at SMRF believe in empowering the consumers with all relevant facts to make healthy and safe choices.

  • Empower consumers in taking safer choices
  • Encourage industries to adopt safer and sustainable materials in products.
  • A database on health and safety information of cosmetic ingredients based on scientific facts.
Core Values
  • Prioritizing safety and sustainability
  • Improving product standards
  • Ensure safety as the fundamental step for consumer choices
  • A movement for policy reforms