SMRF provides a wide range of essential resources and research services at a nominal cost to those cosmetic industries that are adopting safe alternatives in cosmetic and personal care products.

What we do?

If you are a company that aims to develop safer products for your customers

  •  We conduct various range of surveys focusing on consumers, professional cosmetic users and industry trends. These surveys focus on areas such as use pattern, concerns, preferences etc. The aggregates of these data will be available for free.
  •  We conduct literature review of market trends, safe chemical options, regulations and bans followed around the world. A products review index on safe chemical options will be available. Articles and reports on these topics can be accessed by industries and consumers for free.
  • A database compiling all the literature and product review will be available for free to access as part of consumer awareness campaign.
  • We offer custom research for industries that adopt safer product formulations.

Research and analysis

We assist and encourage projects containing SMRF’s similar goals from start to completion. These services involve, but not limited to understanding their target audience, evaluate their campaigns, or conduct other important research to improve their efforts to produce safer products. Once these projects are completed, we endorse these products depending on the product safety. Endorsing service will also be extended to other products that follow or comply SMRF’s safety guidelines.

Pro bono help

Have an idea for a project, but not sure if it’s feasible? We’re always happy to talk research for the community welfare, so give us a shout. We’ll will provide you research assistance.