Safety Monitor Research Foundation is an organisation with a distinct campaign for chemical safety. SMRF is a voice towards smart choices that does not compromise beauty and safety. Please join and support us to bring the change in cosmetic industry and consumer choices.

Please see below for a few ways of supporting us:

SMRF is seeking collaborations and partnerships at all levels with members in the following areas.

Cosmetic Industry  SMRF is exploring partnerships with industries who are aligned with SMRF goal of beauty with sustainable safety. SMRF would like to extend support and services towards their efforts to produce safer cosmetic products.

Research Organisations  SMRF is seeking partnerships or collaboration with research organisations in order to develop a robust framework towards safety in cosmetic and personal care products.  We strongly believe it is possible when there is collaboration of skills in various spheres.

Professional cosmetic users (Film and Fashion Industry) SMRF requests professionals either as part of an organisation or as individuals to collaborate with our activities. As a professional cosmetic user, your support can leverage a lot of momentum to our cause.