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Question1:  Hypoallergenic cosmetics are cosmetics

Question2:  Dermatologically tested claim can be added if the

Question3:  Identify the correct statement for the below label details.

Ingredients: Neem bark-1.0%, Tesu Flower-2.0%, Bhringraj Plant-2.0%, Daruhaldi Root-0.25%, Ritha Fruit-4.0%, Sajjikshar-1.2%, Purified water-Q.S.
Ayurvedic Medicine (For external use only)
Organically pure & preservative free.
Dermatologist tested for safety. No animal testing.

Question4:  Identify the correct statement.

Question5:  Ajay started sneezing and heavy head every time he uses his new perfume for the past week? Choose the appropriate action?

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