Dr Simi Sugathan – Founder

Simi Sugathan is a researcher with scientific and regulatory experience. She has a combination of theoretical and practical experience in environment and public health issues. Before moving to India in Nov 2015, she was a Regulatory Scientist for the Australian Government, Department of Health.  She has carried out risk assessments on new industrial chemicals including cosmetics and personal care products. She has been a team member of the policy reforms department. She has also worked with NGOs in Australia and has carried out policy analysis on various public health issues. She has written and authored environmental and public health issues related reports and papers.

Simi aims to bring a change in consumer behavior by providing tools and resources to make informed choices.

Ms Soumya Sugathan – Managing Director

Soumya Sugathan is an IT Professional who took a break from her career to give the best care for her baby. She was a quality engineer for the last 10 years and hence understands the importance of quality product.

In her new role of motherhood, Soumya had a lot of difficulties in finding a quality and safe product for her baby. She is committed to turn SMRF as place for people who are seeking answers in terms of safety and quality of a product.

Ms Saraswathi Seshadri – Content writer

Saraswathi Seshadri is a Computer graduate and was associated with the Banking and Financial institution for more than 15 years. In that period she has held critical roles that dealt with daily interactions with sensitive clients. Her experience with customers and colleagues has imbibed in her a strong sense of empathy. She is a strong believer of transparency and ethical conduct. She is a voracious reader and a creative writer. She is also currently pursuing her artistic talent.

Saraswathi intends to inculcate her personal traits of honesty and integrity in her content in order to provide consumers with accurate information to lead a healthy and safe life.