The baby you carefully nourished and comforted within you for nine months has grown from a tiny cell to a healthy little baby. Your bundle of joy has arrived and so comes the bundle of duties on various levels. Your decisions starting from baby skin care, toys, baby food, oral care etc. are made with safety and quality as your main priority. Baby skin care is important for overall health. Today, manufacturers provide niche products catering to varied age groups. There is a wide array of products on shelves enticing consumers. Even an informed mother is overwhelmed by the enormous range and claims made by these products.

Recent studies linking potentially harmful chemicals to skin related conditions like acne, eczema, allergies and secondary conditions like cancer, endocrine disruption, and genotoxicity are alarming. The most recent example is of Johnson and Johnson baby powder law suit verdict in the US. The verdict acknowledges that talc, one of the ingredients in the baby powder can cause ovarian and cervical cancer.

Today’s educated women are conscious of such risks and often reach out to “Google” to understand the product. However there is a lack of safety expert reviews for products consistently compared to user reviews carried out by amateurs.

Good Choices Research Network (GCRN) attempts to bridge this gap. GCRN’s primary focus is to address the “safety quotient” of the product. GCRN’s scientific experts will assess the ingredients in the product based on sound scientific facts. GCRN will assist mothers to identify “safe” and genuine products in the market.
GCRN aims to empower consumers through campaigns, articles, product ratings, surveys and regular notifications.

Be informed and make the right choices today for tomorrow!

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